It is an exciting time to be a photographer; the last few years have seen dramatic changes in the way we take photographs and process them.

The photo industry moves ever so fast, giving us sharper tools to record each moment and in exchange, asking for our time and attention in order to become familiar with the innovations.

My passion for photography started over 25 years ago in England and followed me to Italy, as well all the other countries where I have been lucky enough to have worked as a professional photographer.


A few years ago, I moved to the Boston area from Europe, and I joined many local talented portraiture and wedding photographers.

Although I enjoy all aspects of photography, I specialize in family portraits, children photography and baby photography.

Photographing model portfolios was my first love of the trade, and this has never faded; however, being chosen as the wedding photographer for the newlyweds' memorable day is an honor that I take very seriously!

High school senior portrait photography is my latest specialty -- a result of having married a school teacher!

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you enjoy my selection of photographs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding photo-sessions and prices.

I look forward to putting my passion at your service!


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